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  900   Coke 20 Oz. 2.25  
  901   Diet Coke  20 Oz. 2.25  
  902   Sprite  20 Oz. 2.25  
  904   Rootbeer  20 Oz. 2.25  
  905   Dasani Water  20 Oz. 2.25  


  Ploughman's Platter 9.99  
      Fresh Baked Soda Bread, Deli Meat Selection, Salami And Dubliner Cheese. Great Appetizer To Share Or A Meal On It's Own.    
  2   Chicken Fillets 8.99  
      Chicken Tenders Lightly Breaded And Fried. Served With BBQ Or Ranch Dressing. French Fries Too.    
  3   Sliders And Fries 9.99  
      Grilled Onions Atop Four Mini Burgers With Shredded Cheese. Served With Fries.    
  4   Juan O'Donnell's Quesadilla 9.99  
      A Distant Cousin's Secret Recipe. Chicken, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Olives, Mild Chili Pepper, Tomatoes And Onions Between Two Tortillas. Served With Sour Cream And Salsa.    
  5   Hog Wings 9.99  
      Braised Pork Shank, Fork Tender With Seared-In Flavor In A Sweet Hot Sauce. Served With Fries.    
  6   Irish Nachos 10.99  
      Twist On Traditional Nachos Made With Crunchy Potato Chips Loaded With Corned Beef, Melted Cheese And Fresh Sliced Jalapenos.    
  7   Drunken Wings 10.49  
      Like A Hot Wing Only Better. This Great Menu Addition Is About Flavor, Yes They Are Hot, But The Heat Does Not Overpower The Great Flavor.    
  8   Brazen Head Mussels 10.49  
      Inspired By The Olderst Pub In Dublin! Steamed Mussels With A Bit Of Bacon In Guinness Stout And Butter Sauce. Served With Soda Bread.    


  Side Of Fries


Soups And Salads
  10     Bridget's Chicken Salad 11.59  
      Grilled Chicken Breast Atop Emerald Greens With Fresh Tomatoes, Green Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, And Toasted Almond Slivers.    
  11   Blackened Salmon Caesar 13.99  
      Grilled To Order Fresh Salmon Rolled In Cajun Spice Over The Top Of A Tossed Caesar.    


  Black And Bleu


      Marinated Flank Steak Cooked To Your Specification, Sliced Thin And Placed Atop Our Emerald Mixed Greens Tossed In A Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette, With Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Fresh Diced Tomatoes, Black Olives And Red Onions.    
  13   Soup, Salad And Soda Bread 8.99  
      Fresh Made To Order Salad With Our Homemade Soup Of The Day Or Irish Clam Chowder And Our Freshly Baked Irish Soda Bread..    
  14   Soup Of The Day    
      Always Homemade, Always Good.    




  15   Clam Chowder    
      Creamy New England Style.    




  16   County Cork Corned Beef Sandwich 9.99  
      Fall-Apart-Tender Corned Beef. Smothered In Dubliner Cheese. Served On A Grilled Molasses Oat Roll With A Great Mustard Sauce. Served With Fries.    
      Substitute Soup Or Salad For The Fries For $0.99 More.    
  17   Dubliner Melt 10.59  
      Lean Ground Beef Patty, Sautéed Mushrooms, Bacon And Tomato Slices, Smothered And Topped With Creamy Melted Dubliner Irish Cheese. Served On Grilled Sourdough Bread. Served With Fries.    

Substitute Soup Or Salad For The Fries For $0.99 More.

  18   Cuban Reuben 10.59  
      Corned Beef, Ham, Dubliner Cheese, Mustard And Pickles On Sourdough.    
  19   Monte Cristo 10.59  
      Fluffy Egg Bread Dipped In Batter And Grilled With Deli Sliced Ham, Turkey, Swiss And Cheddar Cheese All Dusted With Powdered Sugar. Try It With Maple Syrup Or Raspberry Jam.    

Substitute Soup Or Salad For The Fries For $0.99 More.

  20   Rueben 9.99  
      A Traditional Favorite With Corned Beef From Our Secret Recipe, Grilled Saurkraut, Swiss Cheese And Our Secret Sauce On Grilled Rye. Served With Fries.    

Substitute Soup Or Salad For The Fries For $0.99 More.

  21   Pub Club 9.99  
      Triple Decker Classic With Smoked Turkey, Lean Bacon And Swiss Cheese Piled High On Toasted Wheat. Served With Fries.    
  22   Paddy O'melt 9.99  
      Lean Ground Beef Paddy, Smothered With Dubliner Cheese And Grilled Onion. Served On Marble Rye With Fries.    
  23     Fish, Chips, And Chowder 10.99  
      Two Pieces Of Snow White Cod Fillet, Hand Breaded. Served With New England Clam Chowder And Fries.     
  24   Fish And Salad 10.99  
      Lightly Breaded Cod Fillets With A Garden Fresh Salad And Your Choice Of Dressing. Comes With Three Pieces Of Fish.    

Add A Fourth Piece Of Fish For $2.49



  Fish And Chips


      Lightly Breaded Cod Fillets. We Cut Them, We Bread Them And Then We Fry Them All Right In The Building.    

Add A Fourth Piece Of Fish For $2.49



  Finn Mc Cool's Salmon Sandwich


      Savory Grilled Salmon Fillet On A Sweet Dark Roll With Chipotle Mayo, Emerald Green Lettuce, Fresh Tomato And Thick Sliced Red Onion.    
 Burgers And Fries

A Third Of A Pound Of Lean Beef Cooked Medium Well Unless You Tell Us Otherwise. All Burgers Are Served With Fries. We Are Proud To Serve Ground Chuck Not Ground Beef-- You'll Notice The Difference.

  27   Peppercorn Bacon Burger 9.99  
      Cracked Peppercorn Pounded Into A 1/3 Pound Patty, Broiled And Topped With Ranch Dressing, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion And 2 Strips Of Bacon.    
  28   Bacon And Cheddar Burger 9.99  
      Thick Hickory Smoked Bacon, A Big Slice Of Real Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce Tomato, Onion And Our Own Secret Sauce.    
  29   Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger 10.99  
      Two Strips Of Bacon, Dressed Up With A Bunch Of Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions, Pickles And Bleu Cheese Dressing.  Served With Fries.
  30   Blarney Burger 8.99  
      For True Burger Lovers. Lettuce, Hearty Sliced Tomato, Pickles, Secret Sauce And Thick Red Onion.    
  31   Sauté Burger 9.99  
      Sautéed Mushrooms And Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, And Pickle Are Loaded Atop Our Famous Burger Then Smothered In Melted Swiss Cheese And Secret Sauce.    
  32   Rasher Burger 10.99  
      Topped With Dubliner Cheese, Grilled Rasher (Irish Bacon), And A Fried Egg On A Gourmet Bun Bathed In Chipotle Mayo.    
  33   Bushmill's BBQ Burger 9.99  
      Beef Patty With An Irish Whiskey Bbq Sauce And Cheddar Cheese, Topped With A Crispy Onion Ring.    
  34   California Burger 10.59  
      Smothered In Guacamole, Melted Pepperjack Cheese And Two Thick Slices Of Bacon.    
  35   Garden Burger 9.49  
      Black Bean Patty By Gardenburger. Dressed Up With Secret Sauce, Tomato, Pickles And Onion. Served With A House Salad.    
Chicken Sandwiches
  36   Bees Knees Chicken Sandwich 9.99  
      Grilled Chicken, Honey Dressing, Lettuce, And Tomato On A Molasses Oat Roll. Served With A House Salad Instead Of Fries.    
  37   Jacobs Ladder 9.99  
      An Old Favorite. Boneless Breast Of Chicken Piled High With Sautéed Mushrooms And Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss Cheese And Mayo. Served With Fries.    
  38   Santa Fe Chicken Wrap 10.59  
      A Tender Grilled Chicken Breast, Pepper jack Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Leaf Lettuce, And Thick Tomato Wrapped In  A Basil  Tortilla With A Generous Amount Of Guacamole.    
House Specialties

Add A Soup Or Salad To Any Of The Following For $1.99 Extra

  39   Corned Beef And Cabbage 12.59  
      Tender Falling Apart Corned Beef Cooked In Guinness, The Irish Beer. Perfectly Complemented With Flavorful Red Potatoes And Cabbage And Served With Horseradish Sauce. Includes A Dinner Roll.    
  40   Irish Stranger Shepherd's Pie 12.99  
      Ground Lamb, Cabbage, Parsnips, Peas, Corn, Onions And A Secret Blend Of Spices In Brown Gravy And Topped With Creamy Red Mashed Potatoes. Includes A Dinner Roll    
  41   Irish Whiskey Mac And Cheese 12.99  
      Made With Dubliner Cheese And Tender Corned Beef, Includes A Dinner Roll.    
  42   Braised Pork Shanks 13.99  
      Grill-Seared Pork Shanks In A Spicy Teriyaki Rum Sauce. Served With Drunken Onions And Champ Potatoes. Include Irish Soda Bread    
  43   Mulligatawny Chicken 12.99  
      Tender Chicken Breast In A Yellow Curry Sauce With Raisins And Slivered Almonds. Accompanied By Our Wild Rice And Fresh Steamed Veggies.    
  44   Bangers And Mash 12.99  
      Traditional Irish Bangers Sausage With Champ Potatoes And Rich Brown Gravy. All Dinners Include Irish Soda Bread    
  45   London Broil 14.99  
      Marinated Flank Steak, Flame Broiled And Served Traditionally, In A Thin Crossed Sliced Cut. Eight Ounces Broiled To Order. Served With Champ Potatoes.    

Steak Extras


Sautéed Onions $2.25


Sautéed Onions And Mushrooms $2.25


Western Grill - Green Peppers And Onions $2.25


Bleu Cheese Crumbles $1.99


Cracked Peppercorns $0.99


Prawns $0.75 Each

  46   Salmon Of Knowledge 14.49  
      Grilled Salmon Dusted With Hazelnuts And A Lemon Cream. All Dinners Include Irish Soda Bread.    
Seafood Selections
  47   Donegal Bay Fish Dinner 12.99  
      Three Lightly Breaded Cod Fillets With Lots Of French Fries. Includes Steamed Seasonal Veggies. All Dinners Include Irish Soda Bread.    

Add A Soup Or Salad For $1.99 Extra.

Breakfast Anytime
  48   Irish Chub


      Choose Four Strips Of Bacon Or Sausage Patty With Shredded Hashbrowns And Two Eggs Made To Your Specifications. Served With Whole Wheat Toast.    
  49   The Emigrant 10.49  
      Tender Corned Beef, Diced Potatoes, Green And Red Bell Peppers, And Onions All Scrambled With Three Eggs. Topped With A Sprinkle Of Parmesan Cheese And Served With Toasted Marble Rye.    
  50   French Toast And Bacon


      Thick French Toast topped With Powdered Sugar And Four Strips Of Bacon.    

Without Bacon


Kid's Menu
  51   Fish And Chips 6.99  
      Two Piece Fish And Smiley Fries.    
  52   Sliders And Fries 4.99  
      Two Cute-As-Can-Be Little Burgers, With Smiley Fries, Kept Simple.    
  53   Chicken Strips And Fries 6.99  
  54   Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4.99  
      Whole Wheat Bread And Yummy Cheddar Cheese. Includes Smiley Fries.    
  55   Kid's French Toast 6.99  
      Served With Two Strips Of Bacon, Butter And Syrup.    
  56   Lucky Charms 3.99  
      Bowl Of Cereal, They're Magically Delicious!    
  57   Irish Bread Pudding 5.99  
      Made In-House. Served With A Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream    
  58   Fruit Fool Cheesecake 5.99  
      New York Style Cheesecake Topped With Whipped Cream And Fruit.    
  59   Black And Tan Brownie 5.99  
      Our Own Homemade Brownies Layered With Cream Cheese. Served With A Scoop Of Moose Tracks Ice Cream.    


  Brownie Bite


      Black And Tan Brownie But Sized For An Individual.    
Side Items
  100   Side of Sour Cream


  101   Side of Guacamole


  102   Side Salad


      Side Garden Salad.    
  103   Ranch Dressing


      Cup Of Ranch Dressing.    
  104   Caramel Apple Hot Cider


      Served With A Cinnamon Stick.    
  105   Coffee



Daily Lunch Specials

  201   Bacon Cheddar Burger


      Monday Lunch Special. Served With Fries.    
  202   Dubliner Melt


      Tuesday Lunch Special. Served With Fries.    
  203   Rueben


      Wednesday Lunch Special.    
  204   Monte Cristo


      Thursday Lunch Special. Served With Fries.    
  205   Fish And Chips


      Friday Lunch Special.    
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